March 21, 2022

To our valued clients:

We have been incredibly lucky to have made it through the last 2 years without having to shut our doors due to staff illness from COVID infection.  This is because our staff and you, our clients, have been very respectful of our COVID policies and masking requests.

We ask for more of your patience going forward as we wish to continue to have clients and staff wearing medical grade masks within the hospital.  This will help protect our staff from respiratory illnesses so that we are here to serve you every day and be there for you when your pet needs us.  Due to staffing shortages, even having one member of the staff off sick is a burden for the rest of the team.  More than one staff member off sick could mean we have to shut down the hospital or cancel surgeries.

We greatly appreciate your accommodation of our request for wearing masks within the hospital going forward.  If, for medical reasons, you cannot wear masks, we will be more than happy to continue services curbside for you.  You can also simply request to have your appointment curbside if you wish.  Just let us know when you call to book the appointment or call to let us know you have arrived.

Picking up food and medications will continue to be curbside service.  Some appointments that do not require the doctor will continue to be curbside.

Please continue to call in to the hospital to let us know you have arrived for your appointment.

Thank you for your wonderful support over the past 2 years.


The Doctors and Staff of Smithville Animal Hospital